DATE: December 12, 2012
TIME: Noon-2pm.

Tickets: $25 Adults, $18 Children.


Selection of Specialty Holiday Teas

Jordan Springs Peppermint Tea
Our signature blend of mints specially chosen for the Christmas Season, sweetened by a Peppermint Candy Cane.

English Breakfast Tea
This Orchestral premium black tea is a medley of traditional flavors combined to be absolutely delicious even without sweetening.

Apple Cinnamon Herbal Tea (Decaffeinated)
A century old tradition of Rituals blended tea combines old world flavors of the Season to transport you to memories of Christmas Past.

Pomegranate Tea (Decaffeinated)
Sugar Plums will dance in your head with this Holiday favorite that is sure to become a tradition for you and yours for years to come.

Soup du Jour
Selection of Tea Sandwiches
Cheeses of the World
Crisp Breads
Fresh Baked Scones
Virginia Cream & Jam
Sweet Fancies & Cookies

Guests visiting Historic Jordan Springs during the Holiday Season are asked to bring toys and non-perishable food for families in need.

Guests are encouraged to vote on their favorite room of decorations for $5 per room vote; all winners are invited for a special ‘thank you event’ at Historic Jordan Springs in 2013.

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