Newly Renovated Ballroom used for catering and large size events

HJS in a winter

HJS retreat-like peace remain even in a snow storm

From resort to seminary to cultural centre, Historic Jordan Springs retains its magnetic charm, with the newly renovated ballroom, to the chapel with the original deus. The grounds remain an “untouched sanctuary of nature”.

Historic Jordan Springs is one-of-a-kind. When Greig and Tonie Wallace Aitken purchased the property in 2001, they clearly understood the monumental responsibility involved in the protection and preservation of this “diamond” in the Commonwealth of Virginia, as evidenced by their decision to place a historic overlay, in perpetuity, on the buildings and 10 acres – the first, and only one of its kind in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Greig and Tonie are committed to the preservation of this special and blessed property and have set out to make it the “Community centre for the County”. Even today, the property maintains the calming atmosphere of a resort, with its natural surrounding providing much of its peaceful beauty.

HJS front lawn with chairs in summer time

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