Tonie and Colt,

I just wanted to again thank you for all the hard work you did for our wedding. We couldn’t have asked for anything more perfect. All of the details were more than we could have dreamed of. As a little girl you think of the way your wedding day will be, and this completely went above and beyond that! Tonie thank you for meeting with us as many times as you did, we appreciate all the time you put into making us happy and confident that we could have a fairytale wedding. Colt everyone has complimented us on how well our “wedding planner” did at the wedding. I never doubted that you would have great taste and make everything beautiful. All of the staff couldn’t have been more professional and helpful! Thank you for all your ideas, time and effort you spent to make our wedding the most memorable and beautiful day!

Love Lisa Shank

P.s: If you ever need a reference I would be more than happy to share our experience!

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