Second Hotel Wooden Structure, photo from 1917

In 1855, Edwin Clarendon Jordan, Sr., a nephew of Branch Jordan, built and opened the second larger, wooden hotel, which ran across the front of the property along Jordan Springs Road.

The resort gained in popularity, not only for its healing waters, but also for its proximity to the capitol and the statesmen who loved to vacation there.

In 1861, Branch Jordan died. His nephew, Edwin Clarendon Jordan, Sr. inherited the property at the outbreak of the Civil War.

During the Civil War Hotel operations stopped.

The second hotel burned circa 1920. The cause of the fire is unknown, although it is suspected that the use of the gas lanterns in a wooden structure may have resulted in the fire.

The foundation of the second hotel can be seen on the northeast lawn. The location of the privy is also known and remains uncovered.

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