Year 1549

The Historic Jordan Springs Estate’s earliest recorded history begins in 1549, when discovered by the Catawaba Indians for the two mineral springs, the White Sulphur Spring and the Calibeate Spring, which flow from the natural grotto at the base of a nearby cliff-like hill called Devil’s Backbone, one of the geological wonders in the country.


During the Civil War

During the Civil War (1861-1865) the resort ceased normal functions and was temporary converted into a hospital for both the Confederate and Union forces, depending upon which side held the nearby Winchester, Virginia. Many sick and wounded soldiers came to Jordan Springs for medical treatment, especially from teh Sharpsburg (Antietam), Gettysburg, and Winchester battlefields. Even


Post Civil War

After the war, the Historic Jordan Springs Estate once again became a popular resort destination for many years. Around 1869, Jordan Springs reached a peak of brilliancy never before equaled in antebellum days. It was during this streak of prosperity that Jordan Springs saw the many distinguished visitors and other statesmen from the Washington, D.C.


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